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Stem Cell Therapy Results

Stem cells have the ability to heal or replace damaged tissues and cells by transforming into the cell types needed to regenerate damaged tissues. Stem cell therapy is regenerative medicine. The benefits include reducing or eliminating the need for surgery, pain medications and extensive rehabilitation, and the opportunity to heal quickly so you can return to the life you love.

The results of stem cell therapy include accelerated healing and reduced recovery so you can get back to your life. At the same time, this therapy can provide pain relief that can last for years, and in some cases, can permanently eliminate pain and disability. Patients with chronic pain can find relief without medications, joint replacement or invasive reconstructive procedures. Damaged and painful nerves, tendons, joint and muscles can be healed and function restored.

Stem cell therapy can help prevent the onset of arthritis and help patients avoid joint replacement surgery. It can restore arthritis damaged cartilage. Stem cell therapy can prevent nerve damage, increase collagen, generate new blood vessels, and prevent scar tissue. Stem cell therapy can help restore your function, range of motion, and flexibility, and deliver an improved quality of life.

What is Stem Cell Therapy best suited to treat?

This revolutionary therapy can heal many conditions that have not been able to be treated successfully, including:

  • osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, ankle or elbow
  • damaged joint cartilage or bone
  • spine pain
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • muscle, tendon and ligament tears including tennis elbow
  • labral injuries of the shoulder and hip,
  • rotator cuff injuries and shoulder pain, and
  • other joint conditions that can benefit from stem cell therapy

While research continues to elucidate the unanswered questions about how stem cells work, studies report great success in preventing and eliminating disability that destroys the quality of life.

At Physicians Rehabilitation every patient receives a customized treatment plan based on their needs and designed to produce superior results. The health-restoring benefits improve quality of life and in some cases, patients can avoid surgical treatment and lengthy recovery. For your convenience, we have locations in Fort Myers, Lady Lake, Naples, Port Charlotte and Sun City Center.

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