I Didn’t Want Another Knee Surgery!
“Pain level coming in was an 8, going out a 1. I had my left knee operated on and I didn’t want to go through that pain anymore, so I wanted to try something different…getting in and out of the car, walking stairs was a catastrophe…Now I’m hitting the golf ball better than before…
Andrew F. – Florida
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Time to Take Care of My Knee Pain!
“I always had pain because as a child I was very klutzy and I always fell down and landed on my left knee, which hurt me on and off over the years, but I was accustomed to it…so I came here and it was wonderful, no more pain…
Margaret M. – Florida
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Osteorarthritis Knee Pain Relief!
“I was having extreme difficulty with my knee…I didn’t have the mobility that I wanted…I was limping and at a 5 or more pain level due to osteoarthritis…had to sit in the car and listen to the radio…couldn’t go shopping or walking on the beach…after treatment I was at a 1…”
Dennis S. – Florida
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With Bad Heart – Resisting Knee Surgery!
“When walking my pain level was a 6 or 7…I had taught tennis 25 hours a week…then took care of my wife for a year and a half…afterwards I went to the gym and I could not peddle a recumbent bike…after two weeks of therapy I could pump the bike backwards and forwards…”
Paul G. – Florida
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Try the Shots First!
“If you’re thinking about getting your knee replaced you may as well try the shots first…the three shot series I had back in Boston didn’t do a whole lot…but this program afforded me the ability to walk longer and further…the pain is pretty much gone…”
David C. – Florida
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Drug-Free Cervical Neck Pain Relief!
“When I first came here to Physicians Rehabilitation, my pain level was between a 9 and a 10, and now my pain level is next to nothing…”
LeAnn B. – Florida
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Lower Back Pain Gone – Golfing Regularly!
“My pain level was extreme…I just couldn’t walk. I came to Physicians Rehabilitation after visiting my doctor…who told me I had to have surgery or shots…and I needed help…”
Joe W. – Florida
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