Physical Therapy

The front line clinician of the muscles, bones and joints.

Your body is much like a machine. If it is in good shape, it works well. However, many things can arise to inhibit, interfere, or even disrupt the proper functioning of the body’s muscles, bones, and joints. When that happens, you need a physical therapist from Physicians Rehabilitation to get you back in the action.

When you come to a Physicians Rehabilitation physical therapist as a client, you will receive a thorough physical therapy evaluation, a comprehensive care and treatment plan, and execution of that plan by highly skilled and trained providers.

With a combined experience of over 50 years in the field of physical therapy, and drawing from wide and diverse educational and work experiences ranging from pediatric to geriatric population care, the physical therapists of Physicians Rehabilitation are the right team of skilled clinicians to tackle a variety of musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular dysfunctions. We can work on muscular and joint pain, muscle weakness, limitations in joint motion, back pain, balance problems, poor endurance, activities of daily living (i.e. lifting or stair climbing), and problems with just walking around.

Given the tools available in our Naples and Fort Myers clinics (including numerous other modalities and exercise equipment), clients can experience first-hand the great benefits of treatment rendered by our staff of physical therapists and health care practitioners at Physicians Rehabilitation. The staff here at Physicians Rehabilitation is dedicated to alleviating your problem or pain, and getting you back in the game.

Physicians Rehabilitation has offices in Fort Myers, Lady Lake, Wildwood at the Villages, Naples, and Port Charlotte Florida. We treat patients with physical therapy throughout Florida. If you have a sports injury, chronic pain or arthritis and you are looking for an alternative less-invasive treatment than surgery, consider Physicians Rehabilitation. During your initial complimentary consultation one our of expert team members will have the opportunity to better understand your condition and recommend treatment options. We’re here to help.

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