Viscosupplementation for Knee Pain

Viscosupplementation is among our knee pain treatment options at Physicians Rehabilitation, a leading provider of nonsurgical orthopedic solutions in the Florida. We cater to patients of all ages and lifestyles who are in knee pain with symptoms of osteoarthritis and other debilitating joint conditions. If you’re ready to find meaningful relief from your knee pain, we encourage you to consult with our board-certified physicians about your nonsurgical treatment options – even if other doctors have told you that surgery is the only answer.

What is Viscosupplementation, and How Does it Work?

Viscosupplementation (also known as hyaluronic acid injection) involves injecting a lubricating fluid into the knee joint to promote more comfortable knee movement, reduce friction in the joint, and slow the progression of arthritis. This treatment is also commonly paired with physical therapy to help strengthen the joint and improve range of motion. At Physicians Rehabilitation, we perform viscosupplementation with the guidance of advanced fluoroscopic technology to achieve enhanced precision and provide our patients with optimal results. Viscosupplementation is considered to be a safe procedure, with only a small percentage of patients reporting mild side effects.

Why is our Non-Surgical Knee Program so successful?
At our clinic, we offer a unique approach in rehabilitation for chronic knee pain by using the combination of state of the art rehabilitation equipment, cutting edge unloading knee braces, and highly trained physical therapists specializing in total knee rehabilitation. We found that the combined approach of all three of these treatments along with natural joint viscosupplementation therapy are the main reasons for our success.

Physicians Rehabilitation has offices in Fort Myers, Lady Lake, Wildwood at the Villages, Naples, and Port Charlotte Florida. We treat patients with knee pain using viscosupplementation throughout Florida. If you have knee pain and you are looking for an alternative less-invasive treatment than surgery, consider Physicians Rehabilitation. During your initial complimentary consultation one our of expert team members will have the opportunity to better understand your condition and recommend treatment options. We’re here to help

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