PRP Therapy Results

Musculoskeletal injuries are difficult to treat satisfactorily. Conservative treatments are often recommended before more invasive procedures. Conservative treatment is focused on treating the symptoms.

Platelet – rich Plasma (PRP) is nonsurgical treatment that accelerates healing. Importantly, PRP provides a higher quality of healing. When your body heals an injury, scar tissue often forms during healing, which can affect your function. PRP therapy can halt the progression of damage and scarring so you can recover and return to your life more quickly. And, in some cases, you can avoid more invasive procedures including surgery.


Healing is a coordinated series of processes all of which are directly or indirectly controlled by growth factors. PRP catalyzes the healing process, and accelerates tissue healing. MRI studies show definitive tissue repair. Other studies and clinical experience have shown that PRP therapy provides effective pain relief and reduces the need for surgery by treating injury before damage progresses.

For instance, tendon injuries are common and healing is characterized by the formation of scar tissue, because tendons have only very little ability to regenerate. PRP therapy has the ability to relieve pain and regenerate healthy structure.

PRP therapy is more effective and durable than cortisone injections. It doesn’t wear off like a pain injection, and doesn’t create any risk. Cortisone injections inhibit the body’s natural healing ability, and can actually cause degeneration of soft tissue and bone loss.

An injection of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is often recommended for knee arthritis pain and mobility. Studies show that PRP therapy is longer lasting and more effective than HA injections in improving mild to moderate pain and joint function.

What to expect

Everyone is different. Most patients will see a significant improvement in symptoms, including pain relief, and reduced inflammation, without the risks of cortisone injections, surgery, anesthesia, and a long recovery. In fact, PRP treatments can eliminate or reduce the need for more invasive or aggressive treatments.

The results are improved function and repair of damaged tissues, including relieving the pain and disability of osteoarthritis of the spine, hip and shoulder.

Patients experience pain relief, improved mobility and faster recovery. Results are long- lasting and durable. When you desire to restore your quality of life and are anxious to get back to the things that make your life enjoyable, PRP can offer a safe and effective approach.

At Physicians Rehabilitation each patient is evaluated to determine whether PRP therapy will offer a benefit and be effective. We have locations in Fort Myers, Lady Lake, Naples, Port Charlotte and Sun City Center Florida for your convenience. You don’t have to live with your pain. Contact us to learn how PRP therapy can help alleviate your pain and dysfunction.

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