What spinal conditions can be treated with VAX-D?

  • Herniated Discs
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Joint Arthritis
  • Work-related Injuries
  • Sports-related Injuries
  • Post Surgical Patients
  • “Failed Back Syndrome” Patients

What is VAX-D and how does it work?

VAX-D is a non-invasive medical technology that stretches the spine and decompresses the spinal discs. VAX-D treatment is able to reduce the pressure within the spinal disc, thereby relieving the stress on inflamed and pinched nerves. In short, VAX-D breaks the cycle of pain caused by bulging and degenerated discs, and other spine related disorders, by eliminating nerve compression. By removing the cause of back pain, the body is allowed to naturally heal.

How is VAX-D different from traction or the other treatments?

VAX-D Treatments

VAX-D is a decompression device, and as such, achieves the same goal as surgical treatment of the spine, which is to relieve pressure by decompression. VAX-D, therefore, unlike the popular but relatively ineffectual traction device, more precisely addresses the physiology or reason for spinal pain. Although traction devices can stretch the lower back, they have not demonstrated the ability to decompress the lumbar and cervical discs or reduce spinal nerve compression. VAX-D works by reducing the pressure within the discs, not to zero, but to negative levels! No other device has been shown to reduce the disc pressure to these desired negative levels. It is this negative pressure that causes the disc bulging or herniation to decrease in severity. This in turn reduces pressure on the spinal nerves, which ultimately leads to less or no pain.

Why should I consider VAX-D therapy and what should I expect?

VAX-D therapy has been proven safe and effective in numerous clinical studies. Over 3000 patients per day are treated with VAX-D. The other so-called “decompression treatments” simply do not have published clinical trials proving that they can lower intradiscal pressure and result in positive clinical outcomes. VAX-D studies have been published in major, respected, reliable, and peer-reviewed medical journals, with all of them showing a marked reduction in pain and a significant increase in activity and mobility.

VAX-D is easy, convenient and painless. It is non-invasive so it does not have the pain, risks and complications that are associated with surgery, injections, and anesthesia. Patients will require an MRI prior to treatment to make sure no other serious conditions are causing their pain. Once treatment commences, many patients experience relief of their pain during the first several treatment sessions, and then a gradual reduction in symptoms as treatment progresses. The treatment duration plan is 15-25 days, while each session takes about 30-40 minutes. It’s that easy.

Do you have a problem laying on your back or stomach? No problem. With VAX-D you can be in the position that is most comfortable for you. Also, VAX-D allows most patients to perform light work while undergoing treatment.

Take The Pressure Off The Discs

Treating chronic back pain can be frustrating and challenging. VAX-D is a product that is technologically extraordinary, yet easy to use. By integrating our unique decompression protocol with state-of-the-art technology, we have achieved our vision of the perfect treatment system, the Genesis. Our treatment protocols have been progressively shaped by fifteen years of clinical research on our product.

Tension is now applied logarithmically in a smooth, gentle arc, designed to follow the natural curvatures of the spine. For Chronic Neck & Back Pain Sufferers…

The Original Solution

In 1994, research at the Rio Grande Regional Hospital, McAllen, and Division of Neurosurgery, Health Sciences Center, University of Texas, discovered that it was possible to lower the pressure inside the disc with VAX-D treatment. This was the birth of non-surgical disc decompression. VAX-D Medical Technologies invented and patented the process, which is now utilized by more than 3000 patients a day across the US and around the world.

We have recently introduced the Genesis System, a computerized treatment system with engineering advances that represent a true ‘breakthrough’ for the treatment of cervical and lumbar herniations and other back problems.

The equipment has a unique ability, in that the tensioning source can be programmed to move simultaneously in the horizontal plane and the vertical plane to follow the curves of the spine (in flexion or extension). The patient’s head and neck musculature can now be fully relaxed during decompression.

Physicians Rehabilitation has offices in Fort Myers, Lady Lake, Wildwood at the Villages, Naples, and Port Charlotte Florida. We treat patients with spine pain using VAX-D decompression therapy throughout Florida. If you have back pain and you are looking for an alternative less-invasive treatment than surgery, consider Physicians Rehabilitation. During your initial complimentary consultation one our of expert team members will have the opportunity to better understand your condition and recommend treatment options. We’re here to help.

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