PRP Therapy Recovery

Many professional and recreational athletes seek platelet rich plasma therapy to help them quickly return to competition and regular activities, and to prevent post-injury osteoarthritis. However, PRP therapy can help anyone with musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Frequently, patients can resume their work and light activities immediately after treatment. But the length of recovery varies depending on the type and extent of injury and damage, and your personal rate of healing.

PRP accelerates the healing process, but healing still takes time. Initial improvement will take a few weeks while healing proceeds. After a few weeks, you will begin to see improvements.

General Recommendations

When PRP is injected to treat an injury, your Physicians Rehabilitation therapist will recommend the length of time to rest, after treatment. The length of the rest period is determined based on the type of injury rather than the treatment.

General recommendations are rest for the first week but can include gentle stretching exercises and gradual progression to low impact exercise.  Patients are evaluated on a regular basis (usually at 6 weeks post injection) to document improvements in pain and function. At six weeks, many patients can resume normal activities, but it may take longer to get back to sports.

Chronic pain and recovery

Many people endure chronic pain from their injuries. Chronic pain is a sign that the tissue is degenerating. Conservative treatments do not offer long-lasting relief. Without PRP treatment, the recommendation will be surgery, and rehabilitation.

When that same patient is treated with PRP, recovery involves rest and then physical therapy for six weeks. By three months the majority of patients can resume pre-injury activities.

At the Physicians Rehabilitation our goal is a safe and full recovery of our patients so they can return to their pre-injury level of activity as fast as possible. We have offices in Fort Myers, Lady Lake, Wildwood at the Villages, Naples, and Port Charlotte Florida. We treat patients with knee pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain or hip pain using PRP injections at any one of our Florida clinics. If you have joint pain and you are looking for PRP and an alternative less-invasive treatment than surgery, consider platelet rich plasma joint injections. During your initial complimentary consultation one our of expert team members will have the opportunity to better understand your condition and recommend treatment options. We’re here to help.

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