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Neck Pain

Physicians Rehabilitation Provides Conservative Neck Pain Treatment in Orlando, FL

If disruptive neck pain has left you feeling like surgery is your only viable treatment option, don’t panic – just visit the board-certified specialists at Physicians Rehabilitation. Our centers in the Orlando, Florida, area provide hope to adults with a variety of musculoskeletal problems, including chronic neck pain. By leveraging advanced, conservative neck pain treatment options, we are able to help patients get back to enjoying their lives without the need for potentially addictive narcotics or traditional surgery.

Patients in our program visit us about 15 times over the course of six to eight weeks, during which they receive strategically-timed therapies that are designed to address their specific condition and deliver optimal pain relief. Neck pain treatment plans will vary, but many include a combination of:

  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Minimally invasive nerve block procedures
  • Anti-inflammatory injections
  • Non-narcotic medications
  • And other conservative techniques

If you are struggling with neck pain, it’s important to promptly seek treatment, especially if your pain significantly limits your range of motion or is accompanied by numbness or tingling sensations. Our conservative approach to neck pain treatment allows us to help patients like you experience the best possible results with as little risk and interference to daily life as possible.

Don’t allow neck pain to impact your quality of life any longer. Contact Physicians Rehabilitation in Orlando today to schedule a no-cost consultation and learn more about our neck pain treatment options.

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