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Naples Knee Pain Treatment

Non-surgical Knee Pain Treatment in Naples, FL

Knee pain treatment is our specialty at Physicians Rehabilitation in Naples, Florida. Led by board-certified knee pain doctors, our orthopedic and sports medicine clinic focuses on helping patients find meaningful relief from knee pain through a combination of evidence-based conservative and regenerative treatments. This approach allows many of our patients to delay or avoid the need for surgery and get back to the activities they enjoy as quickly and safely as possible. We encourage you to speak with one of our sports medicine doctors about your knee pain treatment options, even if other doctors have told you that surgery is your best route.

A unique approach to Naples knee pain treatment

After receiving a precise diagnosis, patients in Physicians Rehabilitation’s knee pain protocol visit us about 15 times over the course of six to eight weeks to receive a combination of orthopedic and regenerative timed treatments that are enhanced with our physical therapy specialists. These treatments may include:

  • Naples physical therapy
  • Unloading knee bracing
  • 3D-image guided viscosupplementation treatment
  • Naples Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injection
  • Non-narcotic medication

Each patient receives an individualized knee pain treatment plan that is formulated with their specific diagnosis and health goals in mind. Our Naples orthopedic and sports medicine physicians place special emphasis on providing compassionate service and expert guidance throughout the entire process to help ensure patients achieve optimal outcomes.

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