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Fort Myers and Naples Florida PRP Injections

PRP Injection for Knee Pain at Physicians Rehabilitation in Ft. Myers & Naples, FL

Knee PRP injection is a type of regenerative medicine that may help you overcome your pain and improve your mobility. What’s more, this treatment does not require surgery and utilizes the patient’s own blood cells. If you are interested in learning more about the potential benefits of PRP injection for knee pain, contact Physicians Rehabilitation today. Our centers in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, cater to patients who are at their wit’s end with knee conditions like tendonitis and arthritis, but who don’t want to resort to major surgery or potentially dangerous narcotics.

How can PRP injection treat knee pain?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection harnesses the body’s natural healing mechanisms to stimulate healing in the knee. The treatment process is simple and can be performed in our offices – a small blood sample is taken from the patient, then the growth factor-rich platelets are separated from other blood cells. Using a process called centrifugation, the platelets are then concentrated and may be mixed with an anesthetic agent. Finally, the concentrated platelets are injected into the patient’s knee to promote healing and reduce pain.

Because PRP therapy uses the patient’s own blood cells, it is widely regarded as a safe and natural type of knee pain treatment.

Is knee PRP injection right for me?

Only a doctor can determine if you could benefit from PRP injection. At Physicians Rehabilitation, our board-certified specialists take the time to thoroughly evaluate our patients, listen to their health goals, and develop a treatment plan that is personalized to their needs. We may sometimes suggest PRP injection for knee pain, as well as other conservative approaches such as physical therapy and unloading knee bracing.

To schedule a no-cost consultation at our orthopedic center in Naples or Ft. Myers, contact Physicians Rehabilitation today. We look forward to helping you get back to life.

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