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Knee Pain

Pain Relieving Knee Injections at Physicians Rehabilitation in the Orlando, FL, Area

Knee injections can provide powerful relief to patients with osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, and other painful conditions by delivering healing substances directly into the joint. These injections play a vital role in our knee pain relief program at Physicians Rehabilitation – the Orlando area’s premier provider of non-surgical treatment for joint pain. Our board-certified specialists help patients with debilitating symptoms find the relief they deserve without undergoing surgery or relying on potentially addictive narcotics.

Types of Knee Injections

There are several different types of medical knee injections that can be used to treat debilitating pain. At Physicians Rehabilitation, we often recommend viscosupplementation therapy. This procedure delivers hyaluronates, which are gel-like substances that promote viscosity in the synovial fluid of the knee joint to lubricate it and promote more comfortable movement with less friction. The results speak for themselves – this procedure has shown to be successful in reducing osteoarthritis pain in the vast majority of cases. It is also covered by many insurances, as well as Medicare.

Additionally, at Physicians Rehabilitation, we provide the latest advancements in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which may sometimes be used on their own or in conjunction with viscosupplementation to maximize results. Our specialists utilize leading-edge fluoroscopic guidance when administering knee injections – a medical imaging technology that provides our physicians with an enhanced, real-time view of the inside of the joint to ensure the injection is precisely administered and the best possible outcome for you is achieved.

The Physicians Rehabilitation Difference

We stand apart from other practices in the Orlando area because of our personalized approach to care and high level of experience with non-surgical therapies for knee pain. Our specialists take the necessary time to get to know our patients, learn about their health goals, and develop tailored treatment plans to help them overcome knee pain with as little disruption to their body as possible.

Even if other doctors have told you that knee surgery is your only option, contact Physicians Rehabilitation today. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information about our knee injections, knee pain relief program, and how we have helped countless patients in the Orlando area get back to life without undergoing invasive surgery.

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