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Port Charlotte Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment

Knee Osteoarthritis Therapy Near Port Charlotte, FL

Physicians Rehabilitation is proud to provide the latest advances in knee osteoarthritis therapy. Located near Port Charlotte, Florida, our orthopedic practice is led by board-certified physicians who believe that potent drugs and invasive surgery aren’t necessary for finding meaningful relief from musculoskeletal pain. If you’re ready to overcome your symptoms, improve your mobility, and get back to enjoying life, we encourage you to contact our team today.

How is knee osteoarthritis treated?

Knee osteoarthritis is extremely common and often debilitating. The knee is the largest joint in the body, and issues within this joint can make it difficult to stand up, sit down, and even walk. Physicians Rehabilitation takes a multifaceted approach to knee osteoarthritis therapy that incorporates treatments from several disciplines. As a patient at Physicians Rehabilitation, you will receive an osteoarthritis treatment plan that will be tailored to your unique needs, and may include a combination of:

  • Port Charlotte Physical therapy
  • Unloading knee bracing
  • Viscosupplementation therapy and other knee injections facilitated by 3D technology
  • Non-narcotic medications

Most Port Charlotte patients visit us for knee osteoarthritis therapy about 15 times over the course of six to eight weeks. We find that this treatment schedule delivers optimal results and allows many of our patients to delay or avoid major surgery.

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