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Knee Pain Treatment

Non-Surgical Knee Pain Treatment from Board-Certified Specialists Serving the Riverview, FL, Area

You don’t have to settle for a life with debilitating knee pain. At Physicians Rehabilitation near Riverview, Florida, our board-certified specialists help patients find meaningful relief from their symptoms without the use of potent narcotics or major surgery. We do this by leveraging the latest advances in musculoskeletal treatment and merging them with individualized and compassionate care. Over the course of six to eight weeks (about 15 visits), we strategically administer treatments to achieve the best possible outcomes and provide a better quality of life for our patients, many of whom have tried other treatment programs in the past without success.

Our Advanced Approach to Knee Pain Treatment

When it comes to treating joint pain, multiple therapies are better than one. Patients in our knee pain relief program with arthritis and soft tissue injuries benefit from our comprehensive approach to treatment, which – depending on your unique health situation – may involve a combination of:

  • Tailored physical therapy regimens from extensively trained therapists
  • Viscosupplementation therapy facilitated by fluoroscopic guidance
  • Unloading knee bracing that enhances comfort while reducing pressure on the joint
  • The latest advances in platelet-rich plasma therapy

Additionally, our program provides effective pain relief without the need for potentially addictive narcotics that only provide temporary relief and can have a negative impact on overall health.

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Physicians Rehabilitation has been a source of hope for countless patients since 2011. Even if other doctors have told you that surgery is your only remaining option, we encourage you to consult with the specialists at our center near Riverview in Sun City Center. In many cases, our knee pain treatment protocol helps patients with severe symptoms reduce their discomfort, improve their mobility, and avoid surgery.

Contact Physicians Rehabilitation today to schedule your no-cost consultation. We look forward to helping you get back to life.

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