Offering whiplash treatment including neck bracing and physical therapy treatment

Specialized Whiplash Treatment at Physicians Rehabilitation

You have a whiplash injury and are experiencing lingering neck pain that negatively impacts your quality of life. What should you do now? If you want to consult with highly experienced and board-certified orthopedic specialists about your whiplash treatment options, then be sure to visit Physicians Rehabilitation. Our network of orthopedic centers caters to patients who want to find meaningful relief from musculoskeletal conditions without the use of potentially addictive narcotics or major surgery.

How is whiplash treated?

Whiplash describes the set of symptoms that occurs following a neck strain, particularly one that occurs following a sudden jolt or impact that forces the neck to quickly jerk backwards. Each patient’s course of whiplash treatment will vary according to the extent of the strain and what structures are affected (such as the discs, ligaments, or muscles). Still, many patients are encouraged to gently stretch following their injury, reduce discomfort with ice therapy and over-the-counter medications, and – if necessary – consult with a physician if symptoms persist.

The Physicians Rehabilitation difference

At Physicians Rehabilitation, our specialists collaborate to create personalized and well-rounded whiplash treatment plans. Our patients benefit from a variety of conservative and minimally invasive treatment techniques, such as physical therapy, bracing, and 3D image-guided nerve block injections, as well as the compassionate nature of our physicians.

Contact Physicians Rehabilitation today to discover more about our approach to whiplash treatment – even if other doctors have told you that surgery or potent medications are your only viable treatment options. We have helped countless individuals find lasting relief from neck pain, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

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