Offering Iliotibial Band Syndrome treatment of the knee with physical therapy

Iliotibial Band Syndrome Treatment at Physicians Rehabilitation

Iliotibial band syndrome treatment is among our specialties at Physicians Rehabilitation, a premier provider of non-surgical orthopedic care in communities throughout Florida. Our practice is led by board-certified physicians who utilize conservative and interventional pain techniques to help patients overcome musculoskeletal pain and get back to life. If you are experiencing pain around the outside of your knee, we encourage you to visit Physicians Rehabilitation for the world-class care you need and deserve.

What is iliotibial band syndrome?

Iliotibial band syndrome occurs when the iliotibial (IT) band, the thick collection of fibers that runs from the outside of the hips down to the shin, becomes tight and creates friction against the knee. The symptoms of this condition often include pain around the outside of the knee, as well as aching and a popping sensation in the knee joint. These symptoms may subside temporarily with stretching, but they often return and worsen as time goes on.

What does iliotibial band syndrome treatment involve?

With a doctor’s guidance, many patients with iliotibial band syndrome find adequate relief from their symptoms using self-care measures and conservative treatments. For example, a treatment plan may include physical therapy and lifestyle modifications such as rest and regular stretching regimens.

Contact Physicians Rehabilitation today to learn more about our approach to iliotibial band syndrome treatment. We will be happy to schedule you a no-cost consultation with an experienced physician who can evaluate your symptoms and design a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

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