Offering meniscus tear treatment including PRP knee injections and physical therapy treatment

Non-Surgical Meniscus Tear Treatment at Physicians Rehabilitation

Physicians Rehabilitation is proud to help athletes and active individuals of all ages bounce back from injuries and return to the life they enjoy. If you need treatment for a meniscus tear, consider visiting one of our offices in Central Florida for the advanced and personalized care you deserve. Our board-certified physicians use a signature protocol to help patients with joint injuries overcome symptoms and restore their mobility without major surgery or potentially addictive narcotics.

What Is a Meniscus and How Does it Tear?

Let’s review the purpose of a meniscus and how injuries may occur. The knee joint – the largest and arguably most complex joint in the body – features two menisci, or small discs of cartilage. These discs sit on either side of the knee cap and cushion where the thigh bone and shin bone meet. Sudden meniscus tears are among the most common knee injuries and usually occur during squatting or twisting motions, often alongside ligament tears. In other cases, meniscus tears may develop slowly as a result of age-related cartilage degeneration.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Traditional treatments for meniscus tears include anti-inflammatory medications, compression, and rest. However, this approach isn’t always effective. Many people who cannot find satisfactory relief from these methods believe that surgery is their only option. At Physicians Rehabilitation, we believe adequate treatment can be provided without resorting to surgery.

We, at Physicians Rehabilitation, have always taken a multi-modality approach to treating pain from a meniscus tear by offering various types of injection therapies, physical therapy, bracing, and interventional pain management, but now we are also offering medical weight loss options to help you with your long-term health goals. We are focused on not only helping you to gain mobility, improve your strength, and to live a pain-free lifestyle, but also getting you to look and feel your best! Call us today to get more information on our weight loss program! Read More

As a patient in our knee pain relief program, you will benefit from multifaceted meniscus tear treatment that incorporates tailored physical therapy regimens, advanced knee bracing, 3D image-guided viscosupplementation, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and more. These treatments are strategically administered over the course of six to eight weeks (about 15 visits) to provide you with long-term symptom relief and a better quality of life. No surgery, no potent medications, just results.

Contact Physicians Rehabilitation today to schedule your no-cost consultation, even if other doctors have previously told you that meniscus tear surgery is your only option. We’d be happy to provide you with more information about our conservative approach to treatment and how we’ve helped countless patients recover and get back to their active life.

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