Offering knee pain PRP injections, viscosupplementation, and physical therapy treatment

Billions of dollars have been spent in research and development in attempts to curb this pain. After careful study and several trials the FDA cleared a non-surgical treatment aimed at helping those with knee pain. This new treatment is a high tech answer for all those who think that surgery, dietary supplements and prescription medications are the only option to eliminate knee pain.

We, at Physicians Rehabilitation, have always taken a multi-modality approach to treating knee pain by offering various types of injection therapies, physical therapy, bracing, and interventional pain management, but now we are also offering medical weight loss options to help you with your long-term health goals. We are focused on not only helping you to gain mobility, improve your strength, and to live a pain-free lifestyle, but also getting you to look and feel your best! Call us today to get more information on our weight loss program! Read More

Knee pain treatment

Watch how we treat chronic pain in the knee. With a simple in-office treatment protocol.

Why risk knee surgery?

Don’t put yourself through surgery if it can be avoided! We have helped hundreds of people who were told that surgery was the only answer. At Physicians Rehabilitation we specialize in knee pain relief. Below are some common causes for knee pain that may be affecting you as well as some of the knee pain treatments we offer. Click on each section to reveal the information on each topic. You CAN avoid expensive and painful surgery! Come see us and learn what type of treatment you are a candidate for.

Cost of knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery can be very expensive and reports of the total cost of this procedure vary with the hospital, physician and demographic region of the country. Most major insurance companies including Medicare cover knee replacements. According to the federal agency for healthcare the average cost in 2008 was $45,783.

These charges include:

  • the hospital stay
  • implant, physician, surgical fees
  • inpatient physical therapy

Added costs would include medications, out patient physical therapy, visiting nurses and doctors office fees. Depending on the patient, a rehab facility may be needed before a discharge to home care. Physical therapy post operatively usually last about two months.

The table below shows a clear comparison of the cost, risk, pain, and recovery of knee surgery and our knee injection treatments. The more favorable option should be clear to see.

Knee Injection Treatment Surgery
Cost Covered by most insurance plans including medicare Deductible, co-pay, medications, time-off work, etc.
Risk No known side effects Complications, poor outcome, addictions to pain medication
Pain Little to none Can be severe for months
Recovery Immediate Months/Years

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