Offering shoulder pain treatment with PRP injections and physical therapy

Shoulder Pain Treatment at Physicians Rehabilitation

Physicians Rehabilitation provides well-rounded care to patients who need treatment for disruptive shoulder pain. From precision diagnostics to the latest advances in minimally and non-invasive musculoskeletal therapies, our network of orthopedic centers offers comprehensive medical attention to adults who want to avoid the risks associated with potentially addictive narcotics and major surgery.

By merging individualized care with evidence-based treatments like platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections and physical therapy, the specialists at Physicians Rehabilitation are able to help patients get back to living their lives as quickly and safely as possible. Our patients typically visit us about 15 times over the course of six to eight weeks to receive strategically timed treatments. This approach has allowed us to help many people who were previously told that surgery was their only option.

When to seek shoulder pain treatment

Occasional aches and pains in one or both shoulders is typically not a cause for concern, especially if you participate in sports or have a job that requires a lot of movement. Many people with shoulder pain are able to find relief from their discomfort with self-care measures like rest, hot/cold therapy, and stretching. However, you should consider scheduling an appointment at Physicians Rehabilitation if:

  • Your shoulder appears red and inflamed
  • Your pain is accompanied by swelling
  • You have limited range of motion
  • The area around your shoulder is tender or feels hot

Contact Physicians Rehabilitation today to schedule a no-cost consultation and learn more about our shoulder pain treatment options. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly associates.

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